Our Story

Origin Story

What originally started as a freshman college project to create a business and marketing research plan for an aspiring or make believe business, the humble beginnings of what is now Groomed & Grizzly Beard Co. was born. Because of my ability to possess a glorious chin pillow as early as my freshman year in high school, the "Grizzly Adam" jokes never ceased to die out, and in fact, sparked the inspiration for the brand name - the rest is history in the making.

Who We Are

Groomed & Grizzly Beard Co.  is a family-owned, independently operated, small business and online retailer proudly providing customers around the world from (now) Fargo, North Dakota. I always focused heavily on the customer experience by providing fine hand-crafted, high performance beard and shave goods that offer true value, quality, and performance for our extended family - our customers.

All of our products are made with pride, love, and a tremendous amount of passion in small batches to ensure the highest level of superior grooming excellence.


CEO, Grizzly (Lawrence Freitas) Crafting Products

About The Founder

24-year old Hawaii native and serial entrepreneur, me, Lawrence Freitas, wore many hats as the sole owner and founder of the brand and business. I was the product formulator, graphic designer, salesman, content writer, and I crafted each and every product, printed every label, packed every order and pressed every t-shirt that goes out from me to you.

The entire downstairs of my home had been converted into a full-blown mini warehouse and laboratory; from commercial grade stainless steel equipment for sanitary product development and testing, racking and shelf storage for pick-and-pull style order fulfillment, t-shirt press machines, and vinyl cutters, to a complete shipping station to pack and fill orders with the occasional help of family and my amazing and very patient girlfriend.

In the spring of 2019, after 6 years of making G & G the best I could, giving it my heart and soul,  I had a job opportunity come my way that I just couldn't refuse.  I spent many long days and nights looking for someone to take over G & G and give it the attention, care and love that I did and my customers have come to expect.

I soon found and handed everything off to a fellow beardsmen, and wholeheartedly believe that he will take care of this thing I call "Groomed & Grizzly."

"The best is yet to come for Groomed & Grizzly, I am confident that the new owner / brew master will take great care of what I have built and I'm sure he will take it in some new and amazing directions."


                                                    - Lawrence Freitas, Founder