What is Beard Oil? 

Our beard oil is a delicate formulation of natural and unrefined base oils such as sweet almond oil, castor oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, argan oil, rice bran extract, rosemary extract and sunflower extract that absorb rapidly into the hair and skin to moisturize, fortify and nourish the beard. The end result is a silky, healthy, shiny, tamed and non-greasy Groomed & Grizzly beard.

What are Unrefined Base Oils?

Unrefined base oil means that our oils have not been machine processed or genetically altered in any way; such as removing unwanted impurities or elements. What this means is that you are applying delicate, rich and pure exotic oils to your hair and skin creating a much more luxurious look and feel. We invest in the best natural ingredients to provide unmatched quality.

What is Beard Wash?

Our beard wash is an organic moisturizer and beard cleanser that is specially formulated to be tough on dirt, buildup, and grime, but soft on the hair and skin to leave your facial hair feeling refreshed, repaired, and velvety smooth. Our nourishing and fortifying formula fights off flakes, aka "beardruff" and dry skin. Powerful cleaning technology, without the commercial chemicals that cause long-term damage to your hair and skin.

How long does Beard oil / balm last?

This question really depends on how long your beard is; for a beginner beard, our 1oz beard oil could last anywhere between 2-3 months, if not longer depending on how often you use it, we highly recommend daily use for optimal performance. For a beard with 3 months or more growth, or the later stages of growth could last 6-8 weeks, which is also the time we advise beard balm to be used and can also last normally 6-8 weeks.

How do I get rid of beard odor?

Daily routine maintenance is vital to fighting off last night's spaghetti, or general bacteria and dirt build up that can lead to unpleasant aroma and is definitely far from attractive. Using a beard oil, balm, and butter daily; followed by a beard wash or soap bar every other day is recommended to keep the beard odor out, and lock in the nutrients.

Does Beard oil / balm / butter help my beard grow?

Yes, beard oil has excellent organic vitamins, minerals, and nutrients designed to provide the optimal skin and hair follicle hydration that it needs to grow. Time, DNA and other factors do apply, we are not promising you the beard you are not genetically able to grow, however, our ingredients will provide an optimal environment possible for your #bestbeard

Does Beard oil / balm / butter stop itchy and dry skin?

Absolutely, which is why we recommend making the application of these products in your beard a part of your daily grooming regimen. The difference can be felt in seconds and our formulations are very light and absorb quickly so you totally forget the oil or your beard is even there! But to the touch - it becomes the ultimate wingman.

Are your products tested on animals?

No, the only animals we test these products on are on ourselves, and our customers.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship anywhere in the world that is allowed to have packages delivered. We have already been to dozens of countries all over the world and appreciate the international support as well.