How To Use & Apply Beard Oil

Whether you're just starting your beard journey or well on your way to a Yeard (year old beard) maintenance is essential to growing a healthy and full beard. We highly suggest a key factor with your grooming regimen, which is introducing beard oil. Be sure to get your hands on the best from Groomed & Grizzly Beard Co, and follow our guidelines below for applying your Groomed & Grizzly beard oil.

The size (length) and volume (thickness) of your beard determine the amount of beard oil needed for daily treatment. Like all of our products, a little goes a long way. Daily treatment for the average beard is about 8 drops, which means that each 1 oz bottle should yield you about 6 - 8 weeks, or longer if you are below the average beard or at the beginning stages of your growth. Below is our list of daily treatment recommendations based on the average beard growth scale:

Application Techniques

Beard oil normally comes in bottles that range from 1 to 2 fluid ounces. Every beard oil company / brand have different caps, lids, droppers, and other mechanisms to distribute their product. Groomed & Grizzly bottles use traditional droppers, which is a feature that has various benefits; sanitary and easier to use, reduces spills/waste of product, saves you time, and a spill-proof feature that allows you to take it with you on the go.

After you drop the desired amount into your palm, 5 - 7 drops, gently rub the oil between your hands for an even product distribution. The next step is to begin massaging the oil upward into the beard and skin from root to tip, under your chin and cheeks. Don't forget the mustache area.

Optimal Application Time

It is highly recommended to apply beard oil after a warm / hot shower, a time when your pores are open and will absorb even quicker into the skin. Be sure to towel dry your beard before applying, after all, oil and water don't mix.

Have a little extra on your hands after? rub the excess oil onto your elbows (especially in the winter) or into your hair which acts as a great tonic for those of you who use our firm hold pomade. Our beard oil is formulated with exotic organic base oils designed to optimize skin health and hydration.


Recommended Frequency of Application(s)

Despite our chart, how often you use beard oil is entirely up to you. Once you start using beard oil it becomes harder to go a day without it. Depending on where you live may also affect the frequency of your applications also; humid climates may allow you to use beard oil every other day, whereas dryer climates like our deserts here in Arizona - you might need to double your daily treatments.

Beard oil infused with pure essential oils for fragrance will not last as long as synthetic fragrance-based products. The aroma is indeed the strongest when applied, and oftentimes your nose simply adjusts to the essential oils and become less noticeable, yet even then, they will gradually fade.


In Closing

Aside from questions about the variety of beard oil scents that we carry, the most common question we receive both at events and online is what it is used for and how it is used. The best way to describe it is like watering a plant. It keeps your beard and skin healthy, soft and nourished to fight dry and itchy skin while detangling and taming unruly beard hairs.


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