Beard Oil: What It Is And How To Use It

Whether your beard is short or grizzlier than ever, chances are, you have dealt with common issues; flyaway hairs, dry skin, beard flakes (associated with dry skin), and irritation while sleeping caused by pillow friction. Those flyaway hairs can be daunting, and dry skin flakes will have you avoiding those favorite dark color t-shirts.

Fortunately, however, there is a variety of solutions and one of which we are covering today and that is the use of an all-natural Beard Oil.

Utilizing beard oil as part of your daily grooming regimen makes a world of difference that not only you will recognize and feel, but others will compliment you on how healthy and fresh it looks.

You might be asking yourself questions such as; "What is Beard Oil?", "Why should I use Beard Oil?" or perhaps the popular "How do I use it?". All of these great questions will be answered as you read below.

Groomed & Grizzly CEO, Lawrence Freitas, Crafting Beard Oils


Beard Oil is a base combination of natural carrier oils that vary in thickness and carry a wide array of benefits to the hair and skin. A good beard oil will keep your beard hair follicles and the skin beneath the surface healthy and looking great. Think of this like watering a plant -- it needs nutrients and vitamins to grow!

Each beard oil is different in its own respect, due to varying combinations of carrier oils with or without fragrance or essential oils that create unique or natural aromas.

There are huge debates between the use of EO (Essential Oils) or FO (Fragrance Oils) in hair and skincare products, most of which can be negative towards fragrance oils due to the synthetic process. However, Essential oils can be just as dangerous when incorrect usage rates are used in skincare products, especially for those that have sensitive skin or specific allergies associated with plants that derive these aromas.


Beard oil plays a big role in styling and laying own those pestering flyaway hairs, but will also keep your hair and skin super soft. The leave-in conditioning aspects of a beard oil create a healthy environment that enables hair growth to take place.

Beard oils are great for men with thin and patchy beards, and just as beneficial for those with healthy beards who like to keep it smelling, feeling, and looking glorious and grizzlier than ever. Simply put, beard oil is like the water to your soil (skin) that will improve skin conditions that enable hair growth, but overall, maintain a healthy looking beard.


Using beard oil is simple and easy.

1. For the best results, use Beard Wash on the beard in the shower to start with clean facial hair and clean skin underneath.

2. After beard and skin beneath are towel dry, apply 5 - 7 drops into your palm and rub your hands together. Feel free to add more drops if your beard is larger or if you prefer more shine.

3. Massage beard oil upwards into the beard and skin from root to tip under your chin and cheeks. Be sure to get oil down to the roots so the skin can absorb the nutrients and vitamins -- don't forget the mustache!

4. Use a Beard Brush or Beard Comb to straighten and style your beard to achieve desired grooming style, and distribute the beard oil throughout your facial hair.


That's it! Beard Oil is really that easy to use. Nothing is sexier than a well groomed and healthy looking beard. Hopefully, this post alleviated some of these questions that you have in regards to Beard Oil. If it hasn't, please ask us in the comments and we will do our best to answer your inquiries.

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