Beard Oil vs. Beard Balm

Beard Oil

The most common question we receive both at local events and online is - to no surprise at all - what is beard oil? Beard oil is a leave-in hair and skin moisturizer mixed with a base blend of carrier oils and essential oils - not cheap synthetic fragrances - essential oils that are distilled from nature itself.

Pure essential oils have a wide range of medicinal aromatic properties that help the body and mind whether it be a calming effect, anxiety relief, blood circulation, indigestion and so many other amazing benefits that synthetic fragrances can't provide, and when formulated with the right essential combinations, deliver fantastic results in both aroma and performance.

Did you know? Fragrance oils can actually induce headaches caused by synthetic chemicals that contain harmful neurotoxins and carcinogenic (cancerous) properties, and hours after application to your beard can often times emit a stale or discomforting smell. Fragrance oils are also cheaper to obtain, but think about it like fast food compared to a healthy home cooked meal - you get what you pay for.


The Unrefined Truth

When it comes to base oils (mixture of carrier oils), unrefined or 'raw' is the way to go, sure it costs more from a business aspect investing more and receiving less, but the quality goes unmatched when compared to a refined base of beard oils at the commercial level and home-based brewers who decided to cut corners and purchase a cheaper refined base blend.

Even if you decide to purchase products elsewhere be sure on whether or not the oils a company uses are refined or unrefined because the difference on both your experience and the price should be your concern - after all it is your hard earned money - so get the most for your dollar. We know our customers because we are the customer; we hold this value close, which enables us to keep our customers even closer.

Our beard oils are precisely formulated in small batches to maintain the highest quality consistency and preserve the delicate organic unrefined base oils such as Argan, Jojoba, Hemp Seed, Castor, Meadowfoam, and Fractionated Coconut oil. Click here if you want to learn more about the components of these oil bases and other ingredients that we use.


How and When to Use Beard Oil

We recommend using beard oil anywhere from 1-2 times a day or as needed. Optimal application times are post-shower when your beard is mildly damp, or right before leaving the house for work. The size of your beard can determine the number of drops used, just keep in mind that moderation goes a long way.

How to apply beard oil: Apply 5 - 7 drops of beard oil in the palm of your hand and massage into the skin and throughout your beard. Use a comb or brush to evenly distribute and style for the desired look.

Did you know? Our high-quality formula is so light and natural it's practically weightless on the skin, so if you ever feel like you've used more than you would like for your beard, simply rub the excess into your hair/arms etc - something that can't be done with most beard oils on the market.


1oz Beard Oils
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Beard Balm

Much like it's constituent, beard balm is also a leave-in conditioner and moisturizer, however, the use of natural sealants and solid moisturizers like beeswax, shea, cocoa, and/or mango butter are heated up in conjunction with base oils to create a waxy pomade-like consistency, which also provides a matte finish which is great for those who enjoy a much more subtle look compared to the shine or gloss finish from a beard oil.

Beard balms are great for shape, control, volume, and fortification. The term 'fly-aways' describes unruly or coarse beard hairs that appear as wing-like hair follicles (hence the name) which can be a result of genetics and how the hair grows, or most commonly after waking up with 'bed beard' - no one likes a bed beard. These are a few examples we provide our customers with when they are deciding whether to choose either a balm or oil; beard balms help tighten the reins and train their grizzly beard hairs to a much more admirable stature.


How and When to Use Beard Balm

We recommend using beard balm once a day, preferably before you begin your work day to allow a long-lasting condition throughout the day and a much more hydrated and attractive beard appearance. You can apply on a dry or mildly damp beard, whichever you prefer.

Grooming Tip: Use a beard wash to strip away any dirt, grime, food particles and bacteria that accumulate throughout the day, then apply a few drops of beard oil on a mildly damp beard before bed to restore the natural oils back to your hair and skin to nourish and condition overnight.

How to apply beard balm: Scrape a dime-sized amount of beard balm using the back of your thumb and proceed to heat up the balm by rubbing both palms together which also helps break down the beeswax, butter(s) and oil contents to be readily applied throughout the facial hair. Start from the base or bottom of your beard at the neck massaging the balm throughout your hair and skin and work upward in circular motions towards the sideburns, repeat a few times for better results. Use a beard comb or beard brush to evenly distribute the balm and begin shaping and styling your beard to the desired look. 


2oz Beard Balms
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Shape, Style & Volume Control

Not only do balms help fight those painstaking fly-aways, but it simultaneously allows the user to style and shape the beard to achieve a much more desirable look. For those that suffer from thin or patchy beard hairs; beard balm is especially great at making your facial hair look fuller and thicker, allowing you to stay in control and maximize the volume.


Fortification & Hydration

The overall goal for growing the ultimate beard is to first establish an environment fit for healthier hair growth. Beard balms contain natural moisturizers or butters as mentioned above (shea for instance) that when paired with the sealant (beeswax) lock in the moisture and nutrients to strengthen and fortify your beard hair. 

We often compare the process of beard growth in contrast with watering a plant, and by taking care of the soil (skin) you begin to develop a much stronger, healthier, and well-maintained plant (hair). If you are looking for an organic and all-natural multipurpose leave-in conditioner that is easy to use and great for styling check out our line of beard balms.


Using a Beard Oil and Beard Balm

Can I use the oil and the balm together? - this is another great question we receive especially when introducing the balms to our customers that are seeking more style and control than a beard oil offers.

We recommend the 50 / 50 rule as a base for users to experiment and maximize their results for the desired look and feel. You truly get the best of both worlds by having all the great benefits that an oil has with the style and shape that the balm delivers. The matte finish from the balm levels out the shine capabilities of the oil, which makes your beard appear fuller, healthier, and hydrated; also emitting a scent as unique as your grizzly mane.



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